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Living Proof Hot Hair Product NuBest Salon

Living Proof is product behind hair that’s both beautiful and healthy. Jaime Mazzei, creative director of the NuBest Salon, recommends Living Proof because it promises strength, repair, frizz control and moisture. These hair products are fill of silicones, oils and heavy conditioners so your hair feels softer

City Insider Spotted: Chic Katie Holmes at World Surf League Party

Sitting 18 stories above Soho atop The James Hotel in is Jimmy, a modern interpretation of a classic English pub with a ‘70’s twist. The intimate feel of the room is refined with dark wood floors, posh modular furniture, dark cinnamon glassy tile walls, and a full-working

It Girl On The Radar Hailey Baldwin

As the cousin of Ireland Baldwin, our last ‘It Girl’, Hailey Bladwin has been humming on our constant radar. Already within the groups of leading fashionable young women of this next generation Miss Baldwin is surely marking her territory on countless levels. Daughter of Stephen Baldwin and

Mirrored Sunglasses are the Latest Trend

  People watching. The young man coding while sitting in the middle of Bryant Park, swirls of coffee steam rising from the Starbucks cup next to him. The laughing woman playfully throwing a crumpled napkin at her male companion – he attempts to give a smirk while

It Girl on the Radar Amal Alamuddin

  A year ago, the name Amal Alamuddin was unknown to most of us. It circulated around the World News section of the New York Times, was said during CNN newsroom discussions, and was whispered with reverence among law firms. Today, we know Amal Alamuddin not from

Pottery Barn How to Decorate Your Small Home

One of the biggest deterrents in home decorating, especially in New York, is finding crafty and creative ways to utilize a small space. New York City isn’t exactly known for having the most spacious pads, but with Pottery Barn now providing tons of small room decorating ideas

Looks of the Week Crop Top Street Style

It’s the body baring trend that just won’t die. If you’ve been waiting for the lower halves of shirts to make a Britney Spears-esque comeback, then don’t hold your breath. The days of visible midriffs have been revived from the 90′s and are being reinvented and restyled

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