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Rock’n’Roll with French Connection

Spring/Summer 2010 is full of color, shine and all things fine. It’s the tale of two-style tribes- 50’s teen rockabilly’s hop amongst punks from the 80’s. The collection sits like a back–to–school pencil case full of Caran d`Ache colored hues – everything fresh and exciting ready for its first outing. The mix of casual to formal pieces is even, endorsing the freedom of creating an individual style that works for you. French Connections iconic embellished dresses and mini skirts have moved on to incorporate more intricate, eclectic designs in acid brights. Fluorescent vintage floral prints adorn high waisted skirts and detailed dresses to give them a rock’n’roll edge. This season’s collection is like a washed out photograph from a 50’s vacation that gets discovered in the 80’s and inspires a collection where fashion means business but also lots of fun. To view French Connections fabulous looks for Spring/Summer 2010 visit:

Rothko Dress, $248

Para Dress, $198

Wimbledon Dress,$138

Tea Dance Skirt, $98

Written by: Jordana Diamond