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Fashion You’ll Love Forever Versace Video

Versace is simply one the world’s most famous fashion brands. The idea behind the Versace brand is the world of fashion, glamour and sexiness.

Versace’s Spring Collection for 2010 was immediately one of New York Girl Styles favorites when it came down the runway. A wave of pastel pinks, bright yellows and detailed micro mini skirts gave off the quintessential Versace vibe, but with a new spin. The house has always been known for revealing, skin-tight clothing but this Spring, Donatella upped the class factor with blouses and suits.

With Versace being known for its extensive use of bight colors every season, the spring collection was no exception. The bright and neon shades that came down the runway were definitely attention-grabbing but still managed to look wearable instead of over-the-top. A common color in the collection was bright yellow, seen on mini dresses, tops and micro skirts. Although most of us probably couldn’t pull of head-to-toe neon yellow, a pop of bold color is a great way to spice up an outfit.

Written by: Jordana Diamond