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Get A Killer Beach Body

With beach season just around the bend, every girl has her bikini body on her mind. In order to bring that tone and definition to your body, New York Girl Style Angie Lee fitness expert is giving you the fitness tips you need to get in shape.

1. Get Celebrity Abs

To get tight beach abs like Jennifer Aniston take up a Pilates class! The stretching intense exercise is a sure way to tone the ab muscles that you often miss by just doing crunches.  The exercise regimen, which is meant to increase core strength, gives you the bikini ready abs that this year’s beach season require.

Pilates essential: A comfortable mat is definitely an essential ingredient of Pilates success.  The right mat gives you the traction and confidence you need to pull off even the most difficult Pilates move. For the perfect workout mat, click here.

2.  Get A Leg Up On the Competition

In order to get killer beach legs like the stars, give spinning a whirl. The fast paced workout slims the legs and thighs making for the perfect beach body.  The program helps you replace the pesky cellulite and fat that has a tendency to build up in the thigh area with lean muscle. Celebs like Alyssa Milano count on spinning to build their perfect legs.

Spinning essential: A good pair of spinning shoes are essential for this workout. Take a look at these shoes by Pearl Izumi for the perfect feminine flair to add to your workout. These shoes work for either indoor or outdoor cycling, so they’re the versatile transition piece you need for bringing your workout into spring.

3.  Get a Beach-worthy Butt

In order to get a butt that’s perfect for even the most skimpy bikini, incorporate running into your daily exercise routine. Sprinting can help you achieve the toned but voluptuous butt that star’s like Jennifer Lopez have. Workings out on a treadmill or elliptical can often give you just the resistance you need to achieve that perfect figure. Running long distances or even just sprints can help you get that J.Lo booty that you’ve always wanted.

Running Essential: A good pair of running tights is an essential to conquering your uphill battle with the bulge. Take a look at these running tights for a quick transition from a winter to summer workout. Made by Champion, these tights keep you perfectly warm for working out before the snow melts, but not to the point of overheating.

4.  Get Bikini-ready Arms

To get arms fit for any swimsuit try out a martial arts or boxing program as part of your workout. With classes offered in a variety of workout styles, the perfect full body workout may be just around the corner. In order to tone arms, try out boxing as a fun and exhilarating workout.  A celebrity fan of boxing is Lauren Conrad.

Boxing Essential: In order to get the perfect boxing workout, buy a pair of gloves just for you. Take a look at these Everlast Boxing gloves from Target for the perfectly pink addition to your workout.