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How To Style Edgy Chic Jean Vest

Every spring your jean jacket has topped off any preppy casual outfit you own. It has been a right of passage to women to own one forever. It goes through bouts of being totally in to totally out.

Time to shake things up. Let the arms loose and get rid of those sleeves! The jean jacket is in, and it doesn’t reak of the 80s! It looks great over a dress or a top like Sienna Miller, Kate Bosworth, and Kim Kardashian above.

While some designers are simply making them without sleeves with a clean cut, others are going for a more natural look in which the sleeves are cut off at the shoulder seems and left frayed. You can do this yourself! Like this Levi’s jacket. Get even more creative and bleach the newly cut vest for a distressed look.

To do this this tightly roll up you vest into a ball. Then put several rubber bands around it crossing over one another, a lot like you do with tie dye. Fill a bucket with 1/4 bleach and 3/4 water. Use gloves and toss the rolled up vest in the bucket and mix it around. If you want a lighter bleached look put this mixture into a spray bottle instead. If you want a more symmetrical or specific pattern other than random lay the vest flat and use a paint brush. You must rinse within five minutes no matter what method you are using to apply the bleach. Lastly, wash the vest alone in a washing machine without detergent. Let it air dry. Now rock your new improved jacket just like these celebrities.

By Clare Wilder