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Maxidress Feminine Bohemain Style

How doesn’t love dresses in the summer? They are easy to throw on for a quick errand. Has you not worrying about shoes that would go with the shorts and shirt. Even bigger of a time saver for having to match the top and bottom period.  Not to mention, dresses are so breezy and free making them perfect for summer. Check out these top five styles:

1. The Maxi Dress: It is still in ladies. They are effortlessly sleek and easy to transform from day to night. Whether you want to look like a grecian goddess in a pleated chiffon maxi or tre nautical chic on your friend’s yacht, the maxi dress can be anything you want it to be.

2. The Floral Sundress: Try capturing a feminine and bohemian look with this print this summer. Stay away from the prep look, you can achieve that with stripes this season. This romantic look goes great with earth-tone sandals and an over the shoulder bag. Look at style icon Lauren Conrad above.

3.  Tunic Dress: A neutral one of these is perfect when it starts to get real hot out there. With the tie around the waist it is formfitting and always chic; it is a must. Try this one from Rag & Bone.

4. Neon Mini: Look to jump-start your outfit with either a color-blocked or mono-color bright mini dress. It is perfect for out on the town summer nights. Two favorite colors of this: pink and canary yellow. Your summer glow and bikini bod will only be highlighted by this dress. Look playful and sexy.

5. Fun Floated Tiers: This breezy look will give you a flirty style for the evening. The two layer tiers hit at just the right places to flatter your feminine figure without the use of Spanx.

By Clare Wilder