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How to Wear a Ponytail Hottest Styles

The ponytail has been worn for years and years, but this season, a ponytail does not have to mean that you are having a bad hair day. Finally, there are sexy and chic ponytail styles for all types of hair that can be worn for day and night. Seen on many spring and fall runways this year such as Alexander Baradi, Celine, and Valentino, the ponytail can be rocked by anyone- it’s also being seen repeatedly on the hottest celebs such as Blake Lively and Kim Kardashian.

Messy Ponytail: The messy ponytail is the perfect, effortless look for this season because it is extremely easy to wear for any hairstyle and any face shape, and it looks like you didn’t try too hard, giving it the ultimate understated sexy vibe. It is also a very soft look, so even though it is messy, it can be worn with nice dresses or for a night out. To get this look, Blake’s hairstylist, Jennifer Johnson, suggests using dry shampoo on your roots to add some texture and lightly tease it with a brush in small sections. Then, gather your hair into a medium-length ponytail and tie it, but pull the elastic down a little bit and then “split the pony into two sections and pull apart to retighten” to tousle the crown. Use pomade on the ponytail to add more texture. If you have stick-straight hair, wrap a few small sections around a curling iron before the process.

High and Sleek: As seen on Emanuel Ungaro’s Fall 2011 runways, the high and sleek pony is a great look for the evening and works well with oval face shapes. To get this look, flat-iron your hair first, then use a anti-frizz or shine serum and gather your hair into a super high pony. Brush it back before you tie it to make sure you have absolutely no bumps, then use hairspray to make sure there’s no flyaways. Then, you can either leave your wrap sections of the pony around a curling iron like Bar Raphaeli for a cute and wavy look, or straighten it for the ultimate sleek style.

Low and Wavy: Take a hint from Hailee Steinfeld, and try a low and wavy ponytail for a romantic look. This style is great for women who don’t like wearing ponytails because they don’t want to lose any length- your hair will still look just as long with a low pony. To achieve the look, use a texturizing or volumizing spray and then blow-dry your hair straight. Gather your hair at the nape and tie it into a low and loose ponytail. For Hailee’s look, wrap sections of the pony around a curling iron, and pull all of the hair to one side.

Fishtail Pony: The fishtail is the new french braid- it is new and fresh, and is a nice young take on the ponytail. As a bonus, it looks very intricate and hard to do, but it’s even easier than braiding. To create a fishtail braid, first, split your hair into two even sections. Then, grab a small section from the outside of one section to the inside of the other, then repeat on the other side- as if you are making an x. Keep repeating, rotating each side, until you reach the ends of your hair. Secure it at the bottom, and let some strands loose around your face for an effortless look.