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How to Protect Your Gorgeous Hair Color

We all love to experiment with different hairstyles, cuts, and of course, hair color. From blondes to brunettes to redheads, its hard maintaining that shiny color from those intense summer rays. The sun, heat, chlorine, and salt water fade and damage hair color. Rather than give up beautiful hair color during the hot season, check out these steps to protect summer hair color from sun and other damage.

Use sunscreen for hair – During the hot season, UV rays cause hair color to fade and become dull. However, switching to a shampoo and conditioner that are specifically formulated to protect hair from UV rays will keep your summer hair color looking bright and shinny. Look for products that protect against UV, UVA, and UVB rays including shampoos, conditioners, and finishing sprays.

Hydrate hair – Hot weather fun may be good for the body and soul but summer activities leave hair dry and damaged. Saltwater, sun, and chlorine dry out hair which does not hold color and causes fading. During summer months, use an extra moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. Using an intense conditioning treatment every month or more frequently if you are outdoors a lot, will also protect summer hair color.

Keep hair trimmed – Because the hot season is rougher on hair than other seasons, it is more important to get your hair trimmed every 4 to 6 weeks. The ends become weak from color treatments, processing, sun, and chemicals causing them to split and fray. The color does not look as good as it can because the hair is frizzy and out of shape. Bump up your normal haircut schedule in the summer to keep hair looking glorious all summer long. Regular trims will also make hair stronger by getting rid of dead ends.

Wear a hat – Take advantage of cute  headwear and protect your color when you are out in the bright sun. Some hats are made with special materials that block harmful rays and keep your summer hair color looking beautiful even when you are melting in the summer sun.

Wear a swimming cap – Chlorine and saltwater are enemies of beautiful hair color; however, it is difficult to enjoy the hot season without exposing your hair to these color-damaging substances. If you cannot force yourself to wear a swim cap (they are not the most stylish of apparel options), then wet your hair thoroughly before going swimming. Wet hair does not absorb as much chlorine or salt from seawater as dry hair does.

By Ellen Molina