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Vena Cava Hair Trend Turban Headbands

Having an unruly hair day?  In a rush out the door with little time to shower?  Turban headbands are a fashion-forward hair accessory that can solve both of these dilemmas.  There are numerous ways to style this craze.  Take a hint from Vena Cava’s Fashion Week Spring 2012 line.  This model channels the ‘70s with a tangerine turban-esqe headband.

For a look that is more appropriate for Fall and the impending cold weather, try a turban headband that is chic and practical.  Donning a knitted headpiece will surely keep you warm if the wind is biting.  This pale pink Asos turban headband is a wonderful way to ease into this look without stepping too far out of the box.

Another amazing aspect of this look is that you need not spend and money!  It can be easily recreated at home with a scarf that is already in your closet.  Check out one of the many tutorial videos online.

Turbans all started with Prada’s 2007 Spring line, and since have been seen on celebrities such as Rachel Zoe, Kourtney Kardashian, and of course, Sarah Jessica Parker’s character, Carrie Bradshaw, in SATC 2.