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Kimberly Goldson Styles Nina Garcia

Kimberly Goldson, a contestant in Season 9 of the hit design show Project Runway, won the privilege of designing for one of the show’s most fashionable judges—Nina Garcia.

Garcia is not only a judge on Project Runway; she is also the Creative Director for Marie Claire.  The Season 9 designers were asked to create a look what would accommodate her hectic, on-the go lifestyle, but would have enough flare to make her stand out in a crowd.  Nina stayed true to her classic style when she requested, “something tailored and streamlined” from the designers.  “But at the same time, it had to be something that, when I walked into a room, would make people say, ‘Wow, who is she wearing?” Garcia continued

In the end, it was Kimberly Goldson who best completed this task.  Her asymmetrical gold top and sophisticated black pants won over the judges, and most importantly, Nina Garcia.  Goldson explained that her biggest challenge was presenting Nina with something fresh and innovative, something she hadn’t seen before.  “But my clothes really suit her. I feel like Nina is someone who could actually be my client,” said Goldson.

Nina praised Kimberly when she said, “”She makes a mean pant.  Her pants are phenomenal — she uses expensive, special fabrics and manages to make the butt look great.”

Despite Kimberly Goldson’s victory in this challenge, it is unknown whether she will make it to the final episode at Lincoln Center.  Regardless, Kimberly is glad to have this accomplishment under her belt, as well is Nina’s respect for her as a designer.  Garcia believes Goldson shows great potential.  “Kimberly’s going to be the designer who will always offer you that little something special.  It’s never going to be humdrum.”