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Kristen Stewart Graces Glamour Cover

We’ve seen her with long blonde hair, short black hair, as an innocent kid and a bloodthirsty vampire but who is Kristen Stewart? At 21-years-old, she doesn’t quite know herself. However, Stewart does know that directing is on her wish list, her literature consists of movie scripts and she is in fact a fan of Twilight. Sounds like she knows a lot more than most girls her age and a lot more than the slightly awkward teen we all came to admire when she made Bella Swan a reality in 2008.

Fans can relate to Stewart because although she is a radiating goddess with strikingly-beautiful eyes and a sizzling-hot boyfriend, she acts wholly human. She trips on stage, she stumbles over words and she feels misjudged and misquoted all the time. Hello #girlproblems! Displaying her talent at a young age, Stewart has had her fair share of vicissitudes and worked hard to get to where she is today. In 2009, she took home two MTV Movie Awards, one for Best Kiss and one for Best Female Performance. And guess what? She did it allll over again in 2010. This girl is unstoppable.

“I do feel older, I guess. It’s amazing to realize that a lot of the insecurities I had when I was younger pretty much disappeared,” say Stewart in an interview with Glamour. “Good relationship advice for me tends to be being honest and knowing yourself. Don’t be an asshole. That’s my advice. Don’t be mean. Don’t take sh*t. Don’t settle.”

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