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How To Style Chic Trendy Fur Coats

As the temperature continues to drop and the snow is looming, celebrities are breaking out more of their fur and faux fur. We all know that fur vests have been a big look for a long time now and definitely a celebrity favorite, but now the fur needs to be taken up a notch. Fur coats have not replaced the fur vest, but they have become a big winter staple this year. Not everyone can pull off the luxurious look that a fur coat conveys, but we have some celebrity tips to making the best out of your fur coat.

A fur coat is not only a fashion staple for your closet, but it is a big investment, and one that is well worth the money spent. Whether it is real or faux, a fur coat can cost you a pretty penny. Unless you have the gift of extreme coupon-ing, a good real or faux fur coat will start at $50. almost every major fashion retailer sells a fur coat, Gap, Nordstrom, and Express all have great pieces. So how do you work this major clothing investment into your wardrobe?

Our best advice to look at what celebrities and stylists like Rachel Zoe do with fur coats. Rachel always pairs her coats with a sleek pair of skinny jeans, leggings, or even better, jeggings. You need to go small on the bottom with the pants you chose because the fur coat is so big and luxurious. It gives off enough volume for the entire ensemble. The same goes for your top, go simple, short or long sleeve basic t-shirt to keep things nice and flat under the puff of that fur coat.

Kate Moss is another Hollywood lady who loves her fur. Kate wears fur in all seasons and even pairs her fur coat with shorts. This look also works because she is keeping it skinny and simple underneath the coat. All you have to do to accessorize with a fur coat is to a a pair of knee or thigh high boots, or a cute pair of flats, and you’ve got a perfect fur coat look.

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