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Vitamin E Your Anti-Aging Beauty Secret

Vitamin E is a powerful anti-oxidant and has strong anti-aging properties. While most think that vitamin E is a single vitamin it is actually a collection of various fat-soluble vitamins that are active throughout the body. They all have unique functions but are often sold in supplement form together. Nature merges them organically and the body accepts them beautifully.

Vitamin E’s main function is to stop oxidative stress and protect the body from free-radical damage. We breathe oxygen to keep us alive but, oxygen is a bit risky once inside the body because it can make molecules almost too responsive. When oxygen-containing molecules become too reactive, they can start damaging the cell structures around them. this out of balance scenario is called oxidative stress. Vitamin E helps stop oxidative stress (think aging here) by working in conjunction with a group of nutrients that prevent oxygen molecules from becoming too damaging.

The aging process includes everything from how our skin stays taught or hangs, how it glows or appears sallow, how it retains moisture or looks scaly. It effects how bright our eyes look even how shiny our hair can be. oxidative stress can also make the difference between strong energy levels, high sex drive, and overall muscle tone. Vitamin E is even more powerful when you ingest it- that way the body can divvy it up as needed.

Here is a delicious recipe that includes Vitamin E rich foods and also some important fat to help the body absorb and assimilate it.

Spicy Chard with Sliced Almonds

1 bunch organic Swiss or rainbow chard chopped

¼ cup slivered organic almonds

1 tablespoon organic coconut oil or pastured organic butter

1 dash cayenne (more if desired)

pinch sea salt

place a large sauté pan over medium heat, toast almonds until golden, add fat and all other ingredients and cook until wilted and flavors are combined. Enjoy!

Donna Sonkin is a certified holistic health coach and chef living in Manhattan.

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