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Red Carpet Beauty Trend Headbands

While headbands are not exactly a new trend, we’ve started to see them appear more and more on the red carpet as a hair trend. The 2012 Golden Globes red carpet was especially abundant with leading ladies rocking some seriously chic headbands. Headbands are sometimes left for the gym and for running around doing errands. However, when done right, they can make any style look glamorous, pulled together, and even sexy.

Although most of us don’t have a vintage Cartier headband lying around like Charlize Theron, any sparkly head wrap will do. Urban Outfitters and Forever 21 have some great pieces that will work great. To create Theron’s romantic chignon look, you first need to curl your hair with a two-inch curling iron. Then brush through the curls to loosen them, pull your hair to the left and separate it into three sections. Then gather the first two sections into a loose bun and secure it with pins, and wrap the front section under and around the bun.

For this Mia Farrow inspired hairstyle from Michelle Williams, the first thing you need to have is a cute pixie cut! If you don’t it’s okay, it will still work. If you do, it’s simple to achieve. First, apply a volumizing mousse to the hair to get that body at the crown, then smooth down the front with shine serum and add your headband. We like Aussie’s Real Volume Styling Mousse because it has extra firm hold.

Pretty much any retailer today sells black headbands, so all you have to do is scout our your favorite design. To create the best looking effect, wear the headband’s detail (a little jewels on this one) on the same side that your bangs swipe to for a natural flow. Any way you wear it, headbands are super chic, are easy to style, and can even cover up some second day or greasy hair.

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