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Runway Beauty Report Bright and Bold

The looks of the runway are always bold and statement making. The runway this season was full of colorful makeup that emphasized the emotion and vibe that the designer was trying to portray. The use of greens, oranges and reds brushed over the eyelids of the models strutting down the catwalk made sure that the statement was made to the audience. Many high fashion designers used these styling looks that were vibrant and bright. The use on the runway can be seen extreme for everyday wear but there is always a way to transform it to daily use.

At the Aquilano Rimondi show the models were worn wearing soft green. To downplay this look you can apply a light shade that will draw attention to your eyes and create a mysterious vibe.

The Peter Som show was filled with bold bright yellow shadow. This thick coat covered the models eyes creating contrast to the skin shade and clothing color they wore. For everyday wear you can apply a very thin line or apply softly to the lids. The color will still pop without much needed.

At the Derek Lam presentation colors were used to play off of the collection.  Here a model has dark orange over her whole lid that radiates a 70’s vibe. This playful color looks great with lighter color combinations and brings a vibrant detail to an outfit. Use other tans and beiges to bring in more gold’s to the look.