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The Rachel Zoe Modern Glamour Style Guide

Rachel Zoe is a powerhouse when it comes to fashion, styling, and accessories. As one of the leading stylist in the word, Rachel Zoe has redefined the meaning of a personal stylist. Rachel Zoe is known for styling A-list clients such as Anne Hathaway, Molly Sims, and Demi Moore. The most fascinating thing about Rachel Zoe is her style ethic. She believes ANYONE can be fashionable and glamorous, not just the 6’5 model working for Chanel. Fashion is universal and meant for different types of people. As Style Editor in New York, I have gathered chic pieces and fabulous looks for a Rachel Zoe Style Guide.In recent years, Rachel Zoe has developed a QVC collection as well as her own personal ready-to-wear collection appropriately titled Rachel Zoe. Rachel’s two collections touch on different price points, which allows for all of her fans to get a taste of the Rachel Zoe aesthetic. We spoke a bit about Rachel Zoe’s spring 2012 Collection here on NewYorkGirlStyle. However, I will talk about different ways in which Rachel Zoe uses her own personal style and inspiration from her idols to develop her Spring 2012 collection.

It is no surprise that Zoe has an eclectic style. Consisting of vintage Chanel, lots of jewelry, tons of bags, and the highest platforms known to man. Rachel Zoe loves bows, loves the delicacy of lace and silk, but she also loves a thigh high leather platform boot, or a leather Balmain jacket. She does not have one style or one way of wearing clothes. When one sees an editorial styled by Rachel Zoe, or a Street Style photo of Rachel Zoe, they do not see a woman who is trending. They do not say “Oh look, that is Balmain number 24 straight of the Paris runway“. NO, what they see is Rachel Zoe. What they say is “Wow, that look is so Rachel Zoe.” Zoe has successfully created a style that is solely hers, while influenced by others, her style remains something original and unique, which I argue is the only way one can really be a self-styler or personal stylist. Clothing is meant to inspire, it is not about what is on trend, how much it cost, or what celebrity is wearing what. It is about, how we see ourselves as individuals in the larger context of fashion. So let us look at some of my favorite spring 2012 pieces and see how she transformed a concept of inspiration to a reality.
Zoe is huge fan of decadence and glamour as well as easygoing practical clothing.  I would call this effortless Chic, or Classically Chic. The key to Zoe’s outfits lies in its simplicity and accessories. Zoe loves a long maxi dress and a leather jacket. She loves a Birkin bag, and 10 inch wedges. She plays with textures, prints, femininity, masculinity, and does it very well.
On the left, we see a simple printed mini dress, basic cut, classic length, wearable fabric, and gorgeous colors. Here we see Rachel doing what she does best, using accessories and inspiration from past decades to her advantage. Zoe pairs the printed dress with a leather jacket (very Balmain of her). The leather jacket gives edge to a classic summer dress. Rachel is fan of well-tailored jackets so it is no surprise, when it came down to creating her own lines, she would follow the same philosophy. I personally am a fan of leather jackets, especially if made well. It is always a good idea to play with fabrics and textures. I love lace, silk, ruffles, but I also love leather, studs, and heavy metal accents. By adding some texture and drama to an already simple dress, Zoe instantly makes this outfit universal. Anyone can wear the look on the left, simply because there are options. For those who like a little edge, like me, would opt for a leather jacket or a big cocktail ring, as opposed a cashmere cardigan or blazer. In this style of dress, we see hints of Diane Von Furstenberg, Vintage Halston, Versace, with touches of Balmain with the addition of the leather jacket. All three designers shared the same style philosophy. The beauty of woman comes from her confidence as well as how she chooses to carry herself, in fashion and in life.

Above, we have another pick from the Rachel Zoe Spring 2012 Collection. This dress has the same print seen in the above photo on the left; however, this printed dress comes in the form of a long maxi. Maxi dresses tend to be associated with California or any location with a beaming sun or blue water. However, Rachel wanted to give this particular look a hint of professionalism and practicality. While this dress is perfect for a vacation on the water in the summer time, it is also perfect for the working girl that enjoys ease, comfort and some structure. This look features a cinched waist for definition, pleats for extra flow, a bit of ruching and extra fabric for an effortless classic feel.

Rachel uses an over-sized leather satchel as a way to transform an already glamorous dress, into something more wearable and appropriate for daytime at the office or an afternoon out with friends. Something about this particular look screams a vacation in the Hampton’s, France, or a lunch with the girls in New York City. Again, Rachel takes her love of Maxis, prints, Halston, DVF, Bridget Bardot and turns them all into one fabulous dress.

To think four or five different inspirations can create one classically chic dress, or 30 effortless chic pieces is amazing and truly shows Rachel’s understanding of personal style and self-styling in general. She is what keeps the industry young and fresh, she is breaking the rules and having fun. Is that not the real purpose of fashion, to give people an escape, to encourage people to create their own personal identities with clothes? Zoe is not only a celebrity stylist or designer, but more importantly, she is an inspiration to all fashionistas and fashionisto’s who love, breathe, and live life.

By: Yvonna Groom