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Style Obsession Chic Wax On Denim

Fall is just around the corner. That does not mean, however, that this super hot summer we have been having it going to cool down anytime soon. I imagine this fall’s trends will be all about how to look chic in the changing weather. Leather is super sexy no matter how it is worn; as a jacket, a vest or pants. But often times it can be hot and uncomfortable to wear. Celebrities and Los Angeles and New York have found a way to create the look of leather without the actual material itself. Wax finish denim. Wax finish denim is simply regular jeans with a layer of wax heated and pressed on top of it. The result is your same great skinnies with a shiny, edgy addition.

Celebrities like Blake Lively and Olivia Palermo use these jeans as way to spice up a causal outfit. Blake pairs her plum colored wax finished skinnies with a neutral top and a neutral super feminine knit sweater.  Because her jeans are colored it is always safe to pair it with neutrals. Plus the cream colors work so well with her blonde locks (and her beige puppy). Olivia Palermo chose similar jeans, but with a bit more magenta coloring to them. She also stayed  simple but adding a oversized grey sweater and black flats. Colored wax denim is a fun way to add spontinaety to your simple tops and shoes. Popular denim brands like “Joe’s and “Hudsons” have some great selections of these pants for fall.

Kim Kardashian wears her wax denim is a different way than Lively and Palermo. Kardashian’s look is very black and white and she could pull off real leather any day. She wears black wax denim as an alternative to leather pants. It works well for her to create a edgy, chic look. Paired with black heels, this look is super sexy; perfect for a casual date night.