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Neighborhood Trends: Lower East Side

Women of New York City know that each neighborhood has its own distinctive style. The Upper East Side is reserved for chic, polished looks, Lower Manhattan (and all of its outposts) holds the title for eccentric, funky look, and Midtown combines the two worlds. As a resident of the SoHo neighborhood, I frequently see trends popping up – trends which carry themselves up the island and eventually make their way to the sophisticated Upper-tier of Manhattan. I like to think that most of the trends that you see on the streets of New York City are created in my neighborhood. The topic is definitely up for debate, but while I spend my time on the streets looking at different styles and trends, I keep note. Each week I will scour the streets of Manhattan to bring you the current trends flowing through neighborhoods.

With Spring weather popping in and out of the city over the past few weeks, winter clothing has unfortunately found a way out of storage to tend to our needs on the unnecessarily cold days. As the days will begin on a rather chilly note, mornings throughout the Lower East Side have seen many leathers and furs. As the day warms up, the layers come off to reveal great Spring pieces. One example of this comes in the morning when stylish women are seen running to get to work in leather skinny pants with a military-inspired jacket underneath a fur vest. Once the day warms up, the vest comes off to reveal the jacket, skinny pants, and a cute top. Layering is definitely proving itself to be useful during these unexpectedly cold Spring days.

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