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New York Editor Sits Down With Indira Cesarine

Portrait of Indira Cesarine by Juan Manuel Abellán

Indira Cesarine has singlehandedly crafted her life into what it is today. After finding her passion for the arts at a young age, Indira has gone on to photograph some of the most influential artists, launch a magazine, and travel the world. The New York City-based powerhouse has just released her seventh issue of The Untitled Magazine which focuses on living and future legends, appropriately named The “Legendary” Issue. I sat down with Indira to discuss the issue…

Jessica Natale: What inspired you to create a “Legendary” issue?

Indira Cesarine: I wanted to go outside of the box of anything that I’d done or seen before. I wanted to think about who has inspired me and who has inspired our culture. I liked the idea of mixing the more established generation with the newer generation. It’s very rare to see a magazine mix that up and celebrate all of this incredible talent and inspiration that can cross over from generation to generation… I’m sure that some of our talent in our future legend section will be considered “Legendary” twenty years from now and we can say, “We predicted that”… The whole point of the “Legendary” Issue was to bring together all of the elements that make up the magazine… elements of the arts, of film, the talents of music, fashion, and an amazing literary point of view… I wanted to bring all of that together in this issue so that it crossed genres in a modern way. I wanted to do something that would be unforgettable that I would be proud of and something that had its place in time. It’s legendary! That’s the idea!

JN: What did you love most about making The “Legendary” Issue?

IC: For me, one of the most exciting things about making the issue was the casting. So many of the living legends that we have in the magazine were inspirations of mine from a young age – I grew up being obsessed with Brooke Shields. When I was eleven-years-old, she was one of my favorites. Her films, from Blue Lagoon to Endless Love, fascinated me. Lauren Hutton… American Gigolo is one of my favorite movies of all time. Boy George! I was a huge fan of Culture Club! I had Boy George posters on my wall when I was ten and I had pins with him on them that I used to pin on my motorcycle jacket! So, it was incredible to be able to work with him. Debbie Harry, too! She is one of my all-time favorite artists. I grew up listening to Blondie from days of infancy! It was also amazing to interview Jane Forth, who was one of Andy Warhol’s Superstars – she had such a unique perspective on the Factory. Nick Rhodes from Duran Duran did an incredible shoot for us with the Bloom Twins – it was great to work with him again, as well as Bryan Adams, who also shot for the issue. I’m just so happy to have been able to pull together such a unique array of living legends for the issue.

You can purchase a copy of The Untitled Magazine‘s “Legendary” Issue here or on newsstands worldwide!