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We Have All Been Selling Miley Cyrus Short

Miley Cyrus rose to fame as Hannah Montana and then quickly stripped herself of her self-made Disney image by “acting out” and, well, growing up. Mothers clutch their pearls any and every time that Miley performs on television with her scantily-clad on-stage persona all the while exclaiming that Miley needs to clean her image up for “the sake of the kids.” Television doctors, online media outlets, and fellow performers have spoken out about the singer’s risque new appearance in a negative light but, when you stop to think about it, Miley has been fooling us all.

Yes, wearing marijuana-emblazoned bodysuits and assless chaps can come across as trying way too hard; wearing a grill and trying her hand at rap did come across as trying too hard. But rest assure that Miley has it all figured out in her own twisted, strategic way. Not only is Miley worth over $150 million, but she isn’t anything like the image that she has created for herself. She may stumble out of a club looking less-than-flawless, but you’d better believe that when she wakes up in the morning, Miley gives her time and money to over 30 different charities. It is very safe to say that while we’ve all been quietly (or not so quietly) judging her, the pop princess has been doing more good than we give her credit for.

Thirty-nine charities can thank Miley for her dedication and support. How many charities have YOU donated to lately? Even before she chopped her locks and shortened her hems, the singer has been giving back in a major way. During her days as Hannah Montana, Miley donated $1 from every ticket sold at her concerts to City of Hope, a biomedical research, treatment and educational institution dedicated to the prevention and cure of cancer. In all, the singer raised over $1 million.

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