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New York Editor Reviews Maleficent

Everyone knows the story of Sleeping Beauty and Disney has now given audiences insight into the dark, mystical world of Maleficent. After reading articles by critics absolutely glorifying the film, I knew that I had to go into the theater with an open mind in order to maintain my expectations on a fair level. Knowing that Disney has created masterpieces out of the Pirates franchise, I did have somewhat of a high expectation for a film starring the flawless Angelina Jolie. It is safe to say that I have nothing but praise for this film.

Maleficent opens a completely new chapter of the infamous film/story that is Sleeping Beauty. I wasn’t thoroughly prepared for such a dark film but once the story began, it completely captivated me. (In an effort to backseat any spoilers, I’ll keep the storyline very brief.) Angelina Jolie is known for her outspoken attitude, strong demeanor, and eccentric acting abilities – all of which were captured in the film. The character of Maleficent was given a completely new dimension largely thanks to Jolie’s mystical presence as what has been known to be an “evil” character. Beginning the movie as an innocent fairy, Maleficent finds herself falling in love with a human and then ultimately her heart is broken and she has a piece of her physical being stolen. (Soft spoiler!) In an act of complete anger and spite, Maleficent casts a curse upon the daughter of the man who wronged her. The story then follows Aurora as she grows up and builds a relationship with Maleficent or, as Aurora calls her, her fairy godmother.

The film starred Angelina Jolie, of course, and Elle Fanning – both brought their all to their characters with grace. Some audiences (including myself) may have expected Fanning to be overshadowed by Jolie’s superior talent but, to my surprise, the young actress carried herself with ease. The grittiness and amazing special effects can be compared to Universal’s 2012 Snow White and the Huntsman which starred Kristen Stewart, but the talent and overall visuals were far superior. As someone who grew up watching the cartoon Sleeping Beauty, I can say that the film definitely didn’t let me down. I wouldn’t suggest bringing small children to see this film, though. Along with several loud fight sequences, Jolie does turn into a terrifying character – so much so that all of the child actors were scared of her so her daughter Vivienne (above) had to star as young Aurora!

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