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Spring 2016 Trend Alert: Nude Blonde Hues


Earth Day is among us and every spring it inspires women to lighten up—in a healthy way. New York Celebrity Color Specialist and creator of Biolights, Rick Wellman, specializes in healthy blonde coloring alternative options. The “Nude Blonde” is trending this spring season and has been worn by organically conscious blondes on the red carpet such as: Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Lawrence.

Wellman is often sought after to help create the perfect “Nude Blonde” hues for many celebrities like: Christina Hendricks, Carrie Underwood, Michelle Williams, Taryn Manning and supermodels Petra Nemcova and Kristy Hume.

How does one achieve this “Nude Blonde” hue? The answer is quite simple, with Biolights. They’re 100% eco-friendly biodegradable cotton pads used as an alternative to the traditional foiling highlighting process, says the Biolights Creator. There’s less risk for over-processing hair since the fabric helps to dissolves chemicals like ammonia during the lighting process. As an added bonus, the application process is made easier and faster so now you’re in and out of the salon without wasting your whole day.

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“Aluminum is the #1 material sitting in landfills today,” says Wellman. So this spring, take the plunge become more eco-friendly and forgiving to your hair as well.

When doing a consultation with your colorist to describe these earthy light blonde hues, Wellman suggests using delicate words such as: beige, neutral, sun and sand. And by all means, “Avoid white, platinum, ash or gold in your vocabulary” and “Request for no ammonia lighteners to achieve a gentler result,” advises Wellman.

Pro Tip: After you’ve gained your earthy blonde hues, Wellman recommends adding a few drops of essential oils into your favorite conditioner like: rosemary for strengthening your ends and lavender to sooth the scalp. Wellman suggests ‘Bare Oils’ for the most organic ‘from Soil-Oil’ form.

If you’ve tried Biolights before, tweet us your thoughts @NYGirlStlye. And if you haven’t what are you waiting for? Dive into the world of becoming an eco-friendly blonde and try this “Nude Blonde” trend today!