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Million Dollar Listing NYC Ryan Serhant

Season five of Million Dollar Listing New York is underway with its three real-estate stars, Ryan Serhant, Luis Ortiz, and Fredrik Eklund. The show focuses on these three brokers showing the world what it takes to sell high-priced apartments in the beloved New York City.

The new season is only one episode in but we are already getting to see a heated argument between Luis and Ryan while they try to co-list a property in the Metropolitan Tower on 57th Street. Their client, Soly, called Ryan to about a separate listing in Soho and Luis was upset that Ryan did not tell him about it upfront. Fredrik is doing his own listing in Noho while Luis and Ryan work out their issues.

Ryan spends some time with his fiancé, a real estate lawyer, and tells her about his day with Luis.

The opening of the Metropolitan space comes and many people are interested in the space but think the price is too high. After his confrontation with Ryan (and later, Ryan’s fiancé Emilia), Luis wonders if he should go back to working on his own.

In a sympathetic heart-to-heart meeting between Ryan and Luis, they both apologize and move on.

Ultimately, Soly ends up pulling the space from Ryan and Luis and giving it to different brokers because he was upset with the price that Ryan and Luis wanted to sell at.

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