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What’s Trending Now: Ravishing Rose Gold Accessories

When you think of jewelry, you’re biggest decision is most likely, “Do I chose gold or silver”?  That’s not too tricky, right? Lately, a whole new finish has been taking over our favorite shiny accessories. It’s time you welcome rose gold into your life.

Rose gold is a type of metallic finish, just like gold and silver, but instead it has a pink tone to it. We have been seeing everything from jewelry and handbags to sunnies and shoes in this color. Out of everything that has been popping up in this rose gold phenomenon, it’s safe to say  jewelry is the most popular culprit of the trend. I mean, stores now offer a whole jewelry section dedicated to the hue.

Rose gold is extremely easy to incorporate into any outfit, The  biggest rule: don’t mix with gold or silver. The finish is a great way to add a girly touch too any outfit, whether casual or dressy. Plus, it’s unique compared to the traditional options.

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