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N.Y. Editor’s Beauty Trend Report: Blorange

You read the title right: blorange.  No, this is not a word that your kid sister made up while scribbling with a blue and orange crayon in her favorite coloring book, but rather a hair trend that is making its way into the mainstream beauty scene, from celebrities to beauty personalities to major publications.


The term blorange seems to come from a mashup of the words “blonde” and “orange”, which perfectly describes the mix of colors that this hair shade includes.  It’s the newest take on strawberry blonde, and is a trendy way to jump on the fun colored hair bandwagon without going to the extreme.


Style it straight, curled, or in your favorite updo-this hair color looks great from any angle, and doesn’t require a lot of upkeep because of its natural “washed out” quality.  ad9aa67a62bd738668825f8457bebef0

Even if you have naturally darker hair, this look has been seen with visible brunette roots while still staying on trend.

So whether your brand of blorange is slightly peachy, rosy, or ombre, rock those locks.  Whoever said that nothing rhymes with orange?

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