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NYFW: Altuzarra’s Collection Reminisces Renaissance Period

On day four of fashion week, if you had been present at Joseph Altuzarra’s fashion show, you might have felt like you’d taken a trip back in time to the Renaissance period. With fur headbands, tight-fitting bodices with fuller skirts and detailed embroidery, the fashion show was the embodiment of the period of cultural awakening after a long time of darkness in Europe. Coincidental political statement? Not exactly.

Inspired by many heroines of the European Renaissance period including Lady Macbeth, according to Vogue, Altuzarra’s ready to wear 2017 fall and winter collection was meant to create an interesting collaboration of past and present powerful female figures. Despite the feminine and princess-like silhouettes with heavily embellished bodices and coats, the collection was given a modern twist with heavy-duty laced boots.

While some critics were in a disagreement about whether the boots suited the flourishing and feminine ensembles, we think the combination surprisingly worked well and helped with the balancing act the young designer Joseph Altuzarra was trying to accomplish with the past and present.

Though the entirety of the collection perhaps had a more subtle political statement than other fashion designers like Prabal Gurung’s Fall 2017  collection which featured feminist slogan tees, the idea of combining elements of a period that was meant to be a time of intellectual awakening with modern feminist ideas presented something old and something new to the political playing field in the fashion world.

This snapshot below taken by Vogue fashion editor, Suzy Menkes, demonstrates the creative process at work behind Altuzarra’s designs.

Inspiration from Mediaeval history on the Altuzarra mood board.

A photo posted by Suzy Menkes (@suzymenkesvogue) on

Looking at the board you can see how the collection incorporated much of the high necklines you might recognize from the Renaissance period, in addition to the fur headbands and several coats that were embellished with many of the teardrop pearl details.

Here’s a closer look at the collection:

This was one of the many coats that stood out for its attention to detail with its black embroidery, pearl details, and high collared, black fur neckline.

We also loved the details on this v-neck dress that drifted away from the classic high neckline Renaissance fashion.

We also had a velvet crush on this yellow, plunging neckline dress and brown leather gloves combination.

This velvet pants suit looked gorgeous with its gold details. The outfit should look familiar if you remember Evan Rachel Wood rocking a similar Altuzarra suit at the SAG Awards back in January.
Notice the careful attention to detail with the fur headbands, many like this one included pearl-like embellishments.

A close up of the heavy-duty boots that marched around the runway at Altuzarra.

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