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Carolina Herrera Keeps it Classic in her Fall 2017 Collection

Sleek. Elegant. Sophisticated. These are just a few words to describe Carolina Herrera’s fall/winter collection. Throughout the line, Herrera kept silhouettes simple, which worked in her favor. “It’s a very uncomplicated silhouette. To me, the less complicated, the more modern, ” Herrera told Vogue. I mean, less is more after all. When you stick with a basic base, you’re sure to have a classic look that’ll please many.

The collection featured a number of black and white ensembles, complete with leather garments, decorative collars, and ruffled skirts. While black and white is nice, you have to admit, every collection needs a tad of color in the mix. Burgundy, dark teal, blush and metallic shades were also used throughout the line to add a pop of color.

With the addition of layers, accordion pleats, and plunging necklines, the flowy frocks were instantly transformed into graceful garments fit for the most ladylike fashion girls out there. Two looks that stuck out the most were the two with capes. Let me tell you, it’s amazing how adding a simple cape to an outfit instantly elevates  the elegance bar to 100. One look featured a burgundy dress with a complimentary navy cape, and the second look featured a floor length nude gown with a matching floor length cape.

Herrera proved that when you stick with a simple silhouette and classic colors, oh, and add in trendy elements, you’ll have a look that is definitely a showstopper.










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