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Spring 2017 Trend Report: Floral Patterns

I know what you are probably thinking, “Florals for spring? Groundbreaking.” *Insert best Meryl Streep impression from ‘The Devil Wears Prada.’* In the world of fashion, just about every style is recycled is some shape or form, and one of our favorite styles that recycled just about every spring are florals.

Sure, florals are as Mrs. Miranda states nothing “groundbreaking,” but they are a staple of spring fashion that have been restyled in terms of their patterns and to fit the current styles of skirts, shirts and jean designs. While you might typically think of florals being associated with just floral patterned dresses, we’ve gone and searched for all the new takes on the style.

While you can wear an entirely floral patterned dress or skirt, sometimes you can just add small touches of floral details to your jeans or jackets. Though the idea of floral prints in springs is certainly nothing special, we have a few new floral outfits that are arguably groundbreaking.

Here are some floral outfits you can try this spring:

The Sheer Floral Dress

This shear dress looks absolutely stunning with its minimal style floral prints over a pink slip.

Denim Jeans Designs

Flowers flowers?? #denimdays Aplicações de flores no jeans – será que tô amando essa tendência?!

A post shared by Camila Coelho (@camilacoelho) on

Camila Coelho’s minimal floral designs on her jeans, subtly add a floral print to her uneven cuffed jeans, demonstrating a great touch of detail to her otherwise plain jeans.

Floral Jacket Prints

The embroidered detail of flowers on this shirt provide a bold pattern that stands out against the otherwise all black top. The floral colors also serve to add a great pop of color.

Maxi Skirt Design

We love this bright yellow maxi skirt, which fits great with a plain blue blouse or any other plain type of blouse.

Skater Styled Dress

This skater styled dress is perfect with its small floral print design and minor statement sleeves.

The Floral Top 

This floral, ruffle top with simple distressed jeans looks great for spring.

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