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Rick Wellman Launches ‘HueGo’

Everyone is busy. Let’s face it, there is no question about that. With the combination of modern technology, fast and efficient social media, and simple devices, everyone want instant gratification. This is especially true for New Yorkers.

Between work, meetings and hair appointments,  a majority of people in New York want everything as quick as possible. Rick Wellman, New York’s most sought out hair colorist and Hue Director at Marc Harris Salon took note of this. “The New York woman is always on the go, yet always demands the best of luxury, it can be a challenge for her to maintain her gorgeous professional hair color she received at the salon. Time and money are becoming more valuable, limited and precious. As a solution, I have now figured out a way to offer a unique to-go hair color service called ‘HueGo’,” said Wellman.

‘HueGo’ is an efficient way to maintain your roots at home; it’s like you’re taking Wellman with you! The innovative root touch-up kit consists of a super easy DIY applicator ‘to-go’ tool. You will also receive an online personal consultation with Wellman. He then thoughtfully formulates (based on pictures and consult) a custom hair color. He fills the custom color into the Hair Color Extender Kit and sends it to you by mail. Then, all you have to do is point, press and process for 30 minutes. Oh, and shampoo and condition as usual. This almost sounds too good to be true!
Interested on getting your hands on one of Wellman’s kits? It’s extremely easy. All you have to do it private message Wellman two unfiltered pictures, one outside and one inside, displaying your roots and hair color via Facebook or Instagram. That day, he will follow up with an evaluation and hair color solution for you.

There’s no need to worry, Wellman definitely has your best interest in mind. “I only provide enough color for the hairline and part so you can’t screw it up. The special formula I choose is an ammonia free permanent color which covers grey 100 percent. It is enriched with deep conditioning Argan Oil making it gentle on the hair and scalp. The shine and coverage is superb,” said Wellman. And that’s not all, he even supplied a stain blocker for the hairline, as well as gloves. Wellman tops it off with a personal follow up, color inquiry. “That’s what I call white glove service. It’s so simple and foolproof,” said Wellman.
What more can you want? Plus, the kit retails for 45 dollars, which is definitely a money saver for those whom color frequently. The payment can be made via Venmo or PayPal for a seamless process.
“I find this a very new and exciting way to connect and help women all over the country find that perfect hair color shade, and safely apply it themselves without the stress and expense of having to continually run to the drug store or salon. Please keep in mind the ‘HueGo’ system is for root touch up maintenance and NOT corrective color or a major color change. I will gladly help in finding the proper salon professional in your area when needed, or you are welcome to come visit me at Marc Harris Salon in Rockefeller Center!”
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