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Looks to Steal for Summer in SoHo

Are you ready for the summer season in the city? Don’t worry, because if you aren’t, we’ve selected some of the best styles you can steal when you head to one of our favorite places in New York — SoHo.

While the spring season winds down and the summer season kicks off, you might want to think about kicking out a few styles in your closet and bringing in a few new styles for this summer. But don’t worry, a lot of your favorite styles seem to be sticking around for the summer, including spring trends like , ruffles millennial pink, and denim.

If you are looking for some styles that will keep the heat away, definitely try adding some lace to your wardrobe. The lace can certainly make your look seem soft and feminine if you wear white lace or a muted pink lace shirt. However, lace can also be great for dressing up and going out. If you feel like your typically black ensemble has gotten boring, change it up by adding a unique layer of lace or finding a little black dress with some lace trimming.

For when you plan on doing some day shopping and hitting SoHo’s trendy boutiques, we definitely recommend you try changing into some fun pastel, shear shirts, with maybe some ruffles? (Check out the piece below to see one of our favorite finds from this week). The combination with high waisted pants is perfect for when you hit up trendy SoHo for its renown boutiques. You can also look forward to rocking some different styled denim this summer season as well.

Here are some additional summer pieces you should look forward to stealing for your trip to SoHo:

Ruffled Pastels




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