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The Best Tips for an Organized Closet

Every fashionista is guilty of a messy closet every once in a while. We’ve got so many clothes and not enough space or we have so many clothes but simultaneously nothing to wear. It’s a constant struggle, I get it. Organizing your closet to make the best of every available space is the best thing you can do.

Step 1: Sort through your clothes.

Take everything out of your closet and make two piles. The first is things you definitely want to keep and the second is things you plan to get rid of. You might have lost a few things in the vortex and realized you don’t actually want/need them anymore.


Step 2: Organize everything. 

Put all the jeans together. Put all the tank tops together. Put all the sweaters together. You get the idea. This way you’re not searching through every area of your closet to find three of the same item when they can easily be stored together.


Step 3: Only hang the necessary garments.

Blouses, jackets, dresses, maybe even jeans if you prefer. Sweaters should never be hung, they’ll stretch out too much. Fold those and put them in a drawer or open shelf.


Step 4: Shoes and purses?

If you’re not luck enough to have an entire wall dedicated to shoe shelving like those envious Pinterest photos then hang them on the back of your door using a specified shoe rack. Mega space saver! As for purses, use shower hooks and a wooden rod to maximum organization and use of empty space.

shoes over door

Step 5: Lingerie.

Store miscellaneous items such as your bras, underwear and socks etc. in their own drawer space or even little basket drawers if your space allows. For best results, invest in drawer separators.


These are only a few tips for you to get the ball rolling. Brainstorm your best options. Most importantly, look at what you have in regards to types of clothing and available space. You know your wardrobe routine and based off of that you can definitely come up with a way to organize your area to suit your needs.