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Hampton’s Home Style Inspiration

During the summer months, the Hampton’s are one of the hottest places to be whether you frequent every year, or plan your trips sporadically. The house you reside in when visiting the Hampton’s will most likely say a lot about the Hampton’s itself. Taking some inspiration from the season’s best in home decor and the summer vibe of the Hampton’s, you’ll be able to hit a home run when furnishing your place this year. If you’re stuck, take some tips from below.

Open Concept

Sometimes this idea is out of your control depending on how the home is already built. Gone are the days of stuffy, four walled rooms that limit free movement. Open concept layouts are especially beneficial if you happen to be having a larger party. Everyone can flow freely throughout the party and still feel included.


Choose a Theme

Maybe you’ll want to try and make everything, dare I say, “matchy matchy”. White on white is a huge trend this season so keep everything monochromatic and jazz it up with your accessories. May I suggest banana or palm leaves as a go-to print?


Decorate Poolside

The last thing you want is for you pool, one of the busiest spots of your house, to be blasé. Get some lounge chairs (fancy cushions not optional) and striped umbrellas for your guests to lounge in paradise. If you managed to snag a place with a patio take the liberty to snag some fairy lights and string those around as well.


Keep it Smart

Take advantage of technology and go the extra mile for that bluetooth sound system. You won’t be required to plug your phone into an annoyingly short two foot cord and anyone can DJ the music via bluetooth. Maybe you want to keep it entirely hands free and invest in Alexa from Amazon. She’ll keep the music up to date, no hassle for you. If you really want to impress your Hampton’s house guests, set up charging stations around your home. Everyone’s already going to be on their phones anyway.


Like always, these are merely stepping off points for you to get the ball rolling. If you have a killer vision for your dream Hampton’s home, take it and run with it!