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Shopping Online versus Shopping In-store

Is online shopping killing brick and mortar stores? Signs point to yes, and it’s incredibly sad. With millennials as the driving force in retail, most of the shopping is being done online forcing stores to close their doors permanently. As a – quote, unquote – 90’s kid going to the mall was sort of a rite of passage. Once you reached a certain age, your parents would drop you and a few friends off for a few hours of unsupervised mall time. This usually consisted of buying every piece of jewelry in Claire’s before going to the food court where ultimately you’d end up taking mirror selfies with your digital camera that you’d later edit and post to Facebook.

Anyway, websites like Amazon with their “purchase now with one click” button have made it extremely simple to impulse buy and buy hassle free. Convenient? Definitely. Harmful to lovely little mom and pop shops everywhere? Absolutely.

Shall I play devil’s advocate? I love online shopping, I really do, especially when I’m doing it from a store I don’t have in my area. That’s actually the only time I online shop. But it’s a dangerously fast rate that these stores are closing at. It’s annoying to be the person whose size changes in every store she goes into. (Thanks vanity sizing.) I can’t just buy a top or a pair of pants and automatically know they’ll fit me. I need to try it on, in store, and see for myself if I like the style on me of if it fits in all the right places. Sorry Amazon, that’s one thing you can’t give me.

In reality, it’s readers like you who will ultimately make the decision on what happens to brick and mortar stores. No pressure! If you feel strongly either way, make your decisions based on that.

Disclaimer: I’m not at all referring to online-only shops. Obviously you can only shop online for those.