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Target Dropping Four Major Lines

If you’re like me then Target is your safe place. A haven for you to roam free and spend more money than you ever anticipated. No two Targets are really the exact same so every new one you travel to is like falling in love all over again.

Recently it was announced that Target would be revamping their brand image, for lack of a better word. They have decided to stop producing and selling four of their major brands. Mossimo, Merona, Circo and Cherokee are the brands they Target will begin to phase out in order to make room for some newer styles.MeronaMossimo

Circo and Cherokee are Target’s main children’s brands. Art Class and Cat & Jack are their replacements. As for Mossimo and Merona, those are being phased out a little slower but have replacements on the way. Goodfellow & Co is the new men’s line, A New Day is being produced for women and JoyLab is strictly athletics.


While it’s sad to see two clothing lines, that shaped our formative years, be discontinued it’s exciting to see what’s next for Target’s corporation. Maybe we’ll even see more designer collaborations in the future.