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Summer Concert Outfits

Going to a concert takes a lot of planning. Who’s driving? How much is it going to cost? Where should we sit? You know the drill. Sometimes, in the midst of it all, your idea for an amazing concert ensemble gets overlooked. Worry no more! The outfit you wear is going to depend on what type of concert you’re going to. Generally, if the concert is during the summer months it’s going to take place outside so take weather into consideration as well as genre of music. Lets break this down.

If you’re going to a rock concert…


Keep it edgy. An old band t-shirt and cutoff shorts are never a bad choice. Maybe switch up the sandals for flat ankle boots. If it’s not overly hot or the heat doesn’t bother you, throw a leather jacket over your shoulders for some added flair.

If you’re going to a country concert…


Play around with classic country music staples and make it your own. A summer dress and boots go a long way. It might get chilly at night and the denim jacket really tops off the outfit.

If you’re going to a music festival…


This is where you can mix it up a lot. The genres of music are most likely going to vary, and most people have a tendency to dress for the area and conditions they are in. If you take one thing away from any of these suggestions, dress comfortably and dress smart. A music festival is the last place you want to be wearing high heels. Wear some stylish sneakers and some breathable clothing. It’s going to be hot!

If you’re going to a pop concert…


This is where the ‘stereotypical’ high waisted shorts and a crop top are always mentioned. Think outside the box. (For the record, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with shorts and a crop if that’s what you prefer.) Try out a dress with some ankle boots and grab a bomber jacket if the weather changes. If you’re feeling rather confident, the sheer top is pretty big this season. It’s light and airy so you can dance the night away.


These are only a few of the many genres of music. A lot of the trends and styles can be interchanged and mixed with other styles for other concerts. Take this advice as a stepping off point and you’re on your way to concert outfit envy.