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8 Refreshing Ways to Wear White this Summer

While we’re more likely to wear an #AllBlackEverything ensemble, this summer we’ve been inspired to try new things. “New things” here meaning wearing anything other than black.

Since the first spring breeze (and continuing through each heat wave of summer), we naturally aspire to be cool – in every sense of the word. As proven by a handful of our favorite fashion bloggers, an all-white look is just as powerful as an all-black one. This monochromatic look can be worn casual, think: white T-shirt and denim skirt, or dressed up, think: Dior.

Style Tip: Up your street style game by setting aside the jumpsuits and dresses and pair a white top with white bottoms! Tuck in a white silk skirt or wear with a pair of white cropped denim, add accessories, and you’re done!

We’ve rounded up eight looks guaranteed to inspire you to pull out your crisp whites this summer (or maybe purchase a few more).



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