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How To: Summer Beach Waves

Don’t you just wish you could wake up every morning with sun-kissed skin and perfectly beachy waves like you just came back from a Hampton’s vacation? Yeah, me too. Unfortunately that’s unrealistic, but it is super easy to obtain beach waves in your everyday life.


Your beach waves are going to depend on you hair texture. For example, naturally, I have super curly hair so I always blow dry my hair straight and use that as my base. It always works best. So, start out with your hair as straight as you can make it without utilizing the flat iron. Invest in a good sea salt spray. They’re very texturizing for your hair since you’ll want these waves to be messy and not too sleek.


So, once I have dried my hair straight I spritz on a bit of the sea salt spray. Typically if you’re waving your hair it’s best to use a wand, but I prefer to use a flat iron. It makes the waves/curls look less like ringlets. You’d take your flat iron  and curl your hair as if you were holding a curling iron. Don’t leave it on for too long, you can always touch up.


I never do all of my hair, I pick random strands and wave them forwards and backwards. Once I’ve finished and I like my desired result I spray on more sea salt spray to seal the deal.