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Rick Wellman’s Secret to Achieve Gorgeous Hair

When August rolls around, many New Yorkers are ready for that long awaited vacation and head to the Hamptons. Oh, and they’re definitely ready for a break from the heat and humidity. “Women still want their hair to look healthy and shiny while on vacation or at the beach.” shares Rick Wellman, Hue Director at Marc Harris Salon. What exactly is Wellman’s secret to help women achieve their desired locks? Glycolic Keratin treatment with Zero Formaldehyde.


Don’t worry this treatment is not as scary as it sounds. Plus, it doesn’t use any formaldehyde; not one drop. Many keratin treatments contain the harmful chemical, which is a healthy hazard, so it’s important to avoid any treatment that uses it. Actress, Jennifer Aniston, and many educated New York women know to stay away from formaldehyde.


This keratin treatment is the healthiest way to get the shiniest hair and color frizz free. “Finally! It’s a treatment I can do safely and recommend,” said Wellman. The new and healthy Keratin treatments are delivered and sealed with Glycolic Amino Acids, which can be custom tailored to keep curls, loosen waves or go straight while yet taking out frizz.


Ask specifically for a Cezzane Keratin treatment when getting this treatment done at the  Marc Harris Salon, available at the New York City location.

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