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Rick Wellman at Marc Harris Salon Launches VIP Beauty Alcove

It’s no surprise, New York women and men are always on-the-go. Even with their busy schedules, they demand the best beauty treatments and most current trends. The solution? VIP beauty alcove. Rick Wellman, color specialist at Marc Harris Salon has designed a new private beauty alcove at the salon.
The VIP beauty alcove offers unique experiences with express 10 minute color services. While inside the beauty alcove, clients can see out, while others cannot see in. This privacy allows for discretion and added comfort during the color process, which is often exposed to the whole salon. With this new experience, Wellman will make sure you to get back to work on time. Oh, and you won’t have to worry about embarrassing evidence of hairline color stains.
image3 In addition to the beauty alcove, there is a private duo Roman pedicure room, complete with floor stone bowls. Who knows? Soaking your sore feet may inspire some powerful business deals.
This salon space at 45 Rockefeller Plaza has beautified top models and tinted major celebrities, along with high profile clients whose discretion is respected–thus the no name dropping or face revealing.
 Whether you’re securing your own express and/or indulgent personal beauty experience for fashion week or just a typical day at the office, call the Marc Harris Salon and mention express and or private to reserve.