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Meatpacking District the Oasis One of City’s Best Vibes

The Meatpacking District is among one of the most favorable places to gather in New York City. The Manhattan boroughed neighborhood, is full of rooftop bars, top notch restaurants, clubs, tourist attractions, and so many other activities to occupy you for a full day, or even more.

The luxe and glamour of this neighborhood is perfect for an Instagram worthy photo or a haven of bars and restaurants to go on a date or a ladies night out!

It’s no Soho for a day of shopping, but there are plenty of shops in the Meatpacking District to suffice your shopping trip like Paige Denim, Lululemon, and Tory Burch.

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If you aren’t from the area, all of this probably sounds great, but not exactly what you were hoping to see in the Big Apple. So to appease your tourist needs, something you may want to visit is New York’s famous High Line. This park is pretty elevated above the district and gives you a lovely view of the city on all sides! While you’re walking along the famous park, check out some of the art that is scattered along the path; the greenery aesthetic of the park is beautiful and you won’t want to miss out on it.

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If parks and outdoor scenery isn’t your thing, check out the Whitney Museum which is also walking distance to the High Line. If you don’t know, The Whitney Museum of American Art houses over 20,000 works of art

Finally, one of our favorite tourist spots in the Meatpacking District is the Sugar Factory. The Sugar Factory is a very popular spot for celebrities to stop for appearances while in the city. People like Kylie Jenner, Drake, Kim Kardashian, and so many more. This restaurant serves fishbowl sized drinks that have flavor to die for. The whole book of cocktails is sure to provide a flavor you will love.

The Meatpacking District has glamorously made it’s way to one of the top spots in NYC, if you have never been there, book yourself a weekend away so you can check out the rest of Manhattan (not the rest of NYC, that could take a lifetime!)