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N.Y. Editor’s Essential’s Boot Guide

How many pairs of boots should we have in our closet?

You can never have enough shoes.


My first and favorite suggestion is tall boots- everyone should own at least one pair of tall boots. Whether these are knee high boots or riding boots, we love the chic look that these boots provide. Riding boots are essential to complete your fashion collection. They can be dressed up or down depending on your mood or the occasion, but always make you look fashion forward.

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We also love ankle boots and Chelsea boots. These make perfect go-to shoes for when you took too long doing your makeup and need shoes that you know will always match and look great.

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The weather isn’t always our friend, so when the snow starts falling we need to know that our shoes won’t be ruined! Waterproof boots are shoes we cannot live without. You don’t want to be caught walking in the rain the last few blocks home in your leather boots, so pick up some fashionable waterproof  boots to help you survive the New York snow and rain!

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The last shoe we all know and love is our favorite high heel boots – every girl needs a trusty high heel boot that is both stylish and comfortable. We cannot live without a pair for our night on the town or the charity gala that won’t leave our outfit lacking or our feet hurting.

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