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Beauty Tips Bold Color Radiant Makeup

It’s hard to tell what 2018 will bring, as 2017 constantly threw surprises our way. But it’s easy to tell how excited New Yorkers are about experimenting new makeup trends.


After the domination of liquid lipstick, I’ve noticed that more and more women are leaning towards the classic bullet lipstick sticks and mattes. Bold colors have been all the rage and will continue their popularity along New York sidewalks as well as nude colors. The nude tones are becoming increasingly popular, as Kim Kardashian has been spotted recently sporting muted tones. Kim even recently released her own line of lipstick with bold shades of red and nudes.


Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at 12.47.49 PM


Gold Highlighter has also been dominating the makeup game recently, especially after the release of Rihanna’s beauty line. Highlighters have created golden girls who now dominate New York society.

Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at 1.41.04 PM


Women have been shining recently- whether from golden highlighter, the domination of pro-feminism movements or all the glitter. Sparkles and glitter have made women the brightest sight to see in 2018. The trend of glitter has progressed into glitter adhesives including rhinestones, gems and sequins! Whether these are used as a small pop of sparkle or festival shine, these looks are sure to catch eyes!

Watch out for more even beauty trends in 2018!