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Huda Beauty -Hourglass The Essential Step in Your Make-up Routine

Beauty trends are always on the radar here at New York Girl Magazine. We will give you tips on how to maintain a vibrant radiant beautiful skin. Hydration is an important aspect to your daily beauty routine.

Beauty professionals nationwide vocalize the importance of skin hydration. The amount of water intake can determine the condition of your skin, so feed your skin what it deserves. Drink a glass of water, and then have another. Apply moisturizer on your face, and then reapply. Maybe even apply a layer of hydrating gel. Whichever form of hydration you may fancy, it is a fundamental step in your everyday beauty routine.

Huda Beauty

As many of you ladies are well aware, there is a special holiday filled with hugs and kisses and love and fancy, romantic date nights where you want to look your absolute best for your significant other. No pressure, though. As intimidating as that sounds, Huda Beauty makes it easier with the help of its Rose Gold Palette. The palette, sold for $65, offers an array of pinks, metallic shadows and neutral tones to help create your desired look. Your date will not be able to pull their eyes off you, even for a second.

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To make you even more irresistible, complement your fresh eyes by highlighting your cheekbones with Hourglass Comesmetics Holiday 2017 Limited Edition Ambient Metallic Strobe Lighting Palette. Aside from feeling unstoppable after adding that extra glow, you should feel good about yourself for using a product that does not get tested on animals. This product was formulated without any parabens or gluten. Who knew that looking so good could feel so good, too?

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But before we get to play with the luxurious make-up products, we have to remember to take care of our foundation, so give your skin a drink!